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Our Experts

Daphany Rose Sanchez (She/Ella)

Executive Director

Daphany Rose Sanchez is an experienced community organizer and an expert in climate and housing. Born and raised in New York City public housing, Daphany witnessed and lived through the intersections of housing discrimination, climate divestment, and economic injustice. Daphany's experience moved her to fight for climate resiliency in the communities she grew up in, organizing neighborhoods across every borough in the city while working alongside renewable energy companies to provide people with the tools and resources needed to reduce their energy bills and keep their homes protected from natural disasters. She graduated from NYU Tandon School of Engineering and holds a Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management from the New School.

Betty Huang (She/Her)

Finance and Operations Manager

Betty Huang serves as the Finance and Operations Manager at Kinetic Communities Consulting, playing a pivotal role in supporting all teams across the organization. With a background in marketing and finance, she excels in data analysis, financial planning, and strategy. Born and raised in New York City, Betty has dedicated numerous years to volunteering in her community. Her diverse industry experience provides a solid foundation for understanding the nuances of finance and operations within the company, ensuring a holistic approach to problem-solving and decision-making. As a native New Yorker, Betty is deeply committed to strengthening the community, advocating for greater equality, and promoting environmental sustainability. In her free time, you'll often find her exploring local farmer’s markets for delectable baked goods or enjoying quality time with her dog, Mochi.

Casey Dean (She/Her)

Sustainability Consultant, Residential Energy

Casey Dean is a Sustainability Consultant at Kinetic Communities Consulting supporting the ElectrifyNYC and Clean Energy Regional Hub programs. She hopes to see a future where the boroughs with the highest air pollution density, and consequently significant health burdens (i.e. maternal mortality rates) have the most energy efficient buildings, thereby reducing air pollution density and improving public health. Casey has a Master of Social Work from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Services and is currently pursuing a Sustainable Innovation MBA at University of Vermont’s Grossman School of Business.

Cierra Gross (She/Her)

Human Resources, KC3 Leadership Team

Cierra Gross is the founder and CEO of Caged Bird HR, an HR services company. Committed to the company's mission of changing the world of work, she recently designed and implemented KC3’s performance management process and their compensation and career development philosophies. She attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, graduating early with honors in Political Science with a pre-law concentration. Cierra continued her education, earning a Master's in Human Resources from the University of South Carolina.

Daniel Martinez (He/Him)

Sustainability Analyst, Residential Energy

Daniel Martinez is a Brooklyn native and a Sustainability Analyst at KC3. Having grown up in a low-income household, Daniel sees how energy-efficient upgrades can significantly benefit these communities financially and improve the overall comfort and livability of their homes. He developed a love for this work through the residents he’s been able to assist, represent, and advocate for. Daniel currently works on a state-funded program called ElectrifyNYC, helping the clean energy workforce with different development opportunities.

Emily Baumbach (She/Her)

Program Manager, Policy & Data Analysis Lead, KC3 Leadership Team

Emily Baumbach is the Program Manager for the Policy & Data Analysis team, where she supports New Yorkers with energy efficiency upgrades, helping them save money, feel safer, and live in a cleaner, more comfortable environment. Emily holds a Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management from the New School, Milano Graduate School of Policy, Management, and Environment and a dual Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management and Agriculture from the University of Delaware.

Feiry Guaba (He/Him)

Sustainability Consultant, Utilities & Energy Efficiency

Feiry Guaba is a Sustainability Analyst who manages upstate outreach and non-comprehensive projects as well as in-unit projects in NYC. While in college, Fiery designed an electric vehicle policy proposal to identify financial, technological, and political strategies for a just transition and a climate resiliency guide to highlight ways West Harlem residents can prepare for increased temperatures, floods, and power outages. He continues to forge a career in the sustainability field through his work with New York State’s Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program (AMEEP). He is a CUNY City College graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science.

Jennifer Maldonado (She/Her)

Sustainability Consultant, Utilities & Energy Efficiency

Jennifer Maldonado is a Sustainability Consultant working on New York State’s Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program (AMEEP). She focuses on outreach and engagement to affordable multifamily properties across New York City. Jennifer completed her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at CUNY Queens College in 2019 and is interested in exploring a Master's in Environmental Policy soon. In her free time, Jennifer participates as a committee member in the Queens Solid Waste Advisory Board.

Kevwe Abamwa (She/Her)

Executive Assistant

Kevwe Abamwa is the Executive Assistant at Kinetic Communities Consulting. A New York native, she is deeply passionate about working with people of color and ensuring executives operate within their zones of genius. Kevwe brings a wealth of experience, having previously worked at the New York City Comptroller's Office, where she developed innovative solutions to expand economic opportunities for women and people of color. She loves helping women and minority-owned businesses scale their operations, leveraging a mix of humor and her personal journey to inspire others to activate their vision and transform their businesses. At KC3, Kevwe supports Executive Director Daphany Sanchez, enabling her to excel in her leadership role and drive impactful community and environmental change.

Lynda Nguyen (She/Her)

Program Manager, Utilities & Energy Efficiency Lead, KC3 Leadership Team

Lynda Nguyen directs outreach strategy for New York State’s Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program (AMEEP) in the downstate region. Before joining KC3, Lynda designed narrative-building research for political campaigns advancing worker rights and environmental justice. Her portfolio spans ten years of public policy and management experience on various social justice issues, including environmental justice, worker rights, anti-violence, gender equity, and education.

Morissa Morris (She/Her)

Sustainability Consultant, Multifamily Programs & Implementation

Morissa Morris is a Sustainability Consultant on the Multifamily Programs and Implementation Team working on the NYC Accelerator Program. Helping make New York City a cleaner and safer place to live is a top priority for her, as four generations of her family live and thrive here. She prides herself on being a communications expert, using past knowledge to connect and build trust with her clients now. Morissa graduated from CUNY Baruch College with a dual degree in Corporate Communications and Psychology.

Nazmin Rahman (She/Her)

Senior Sustainability Consultant, Policy & Data Analysis

Nazmin Rahman is a Senior Sustainability Consultant on the Policy & Data Analysis team. She has directed multiple events, including a solar and clean energy career fair for NYCHA residents, an info session on local law compliance, and a networking event for contractors. Prior to joining KC3, Nazmin taught special education in New York City public schools for over a decade, ran her own test prep company, and directed multiple childcare centers. As a native New Yorker, Nazmin is dedicated to making the city cleaner, safer, and more equitable for all. She holds a graduate degree in Gifted Education from Columbia University and a dual Baccalaureate degree in Childhood Education and Special Education from New York University.

Patti Dayleg (She/Her)

Staff Leadership Coach, KC3 Leadership Team

Patti Dayleg is a Self-Love Coach who provides leadership coaching to KC3’s team and leadership staff. Patti has coached more than 100 people and facilitated their transformation by helping them to release imposter syndrome, befriend shame, and cultivate compassion and self-love. Her clients’ inner work has inspired change in the boardroom, on the stage, and in movements for education, food justice, and immigrant rights. Her inclusion and equity work has spanned local nonprofits, New York City municipal agencies, and Broadway shows including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Funny Girl.

Rachel Lopez (She/Her)

Marketing & Events Manager  

Rachel Lopez is the Marketing Manager at Kinetic Communities Consulting. A proud Brooklyn native, she is deeply passionate about her community and the environment. Rachel utilizes her event planning expertise to organize sustainability-focused events at KC3, educating residents in low-income and affordable housing communities. In her marketing efforts, she employs targeted strategies to reach and engage these communities, emphasizing the importance of clean, affordable energy and providing accessible resources for implementation. Through innovative campaigns, Rachel aims to elevate awareness of environmental issues and advocate for positive, sustainable practices.

Rosibel Tavares (She/Her)

Senior Sustainability Consultant, Multifamily Programs & Implementation Lead, KC3 Leadership Team

Rosibel Tavares is an environmental justice advocate and an energy policy expert committed to inclusion and equity in the field of sustainability. She has dedicated her career to the implementation of sustainability initiatives across NYC. Her experience in outreach, project management, and partner coordination, coupled with her in-depth knowledge of building systems and federal, state, and local energy efficiency programming, have primed her to connect communities in need to all available sustainability resources.

Sahara James (She/Her)

Senior Sustainability Consultant, Residential Energy Lead, KC3 Leadership Team

Sahara James is a Senior Sustainability Consultant, leading KC3’s residential projects which engage 1-4 family homeowners and workforce development. Sahara completed her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at CUNY Hunter College in 2018. She is currently an MBA in Sustainability candidate at Bard College and a candidate at Coro Leadership NY. She is a passionate environmental justice leader with experience in consulting and project management for energy equity projects and political advocacy.

Yangchen Dolma (She/Her)

Policy & Data Analysis

Yangchen Dolma is a Sustainability Consultant on the Policy & Data Analysis team. Before joining KC3, Yangchen was a community organizer advocating for workers' rights and social justice. She was the lead organizer on multiple city and state campaigns, mainly on the passage of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in NY and NJ.  A native New Yorker and certified Multifamily Building Analyst, she is dedicated to serving affordable multifamily buildings and driving environmental and social change in her hometown.