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Our Story

In the transition to renewable energy, communities across New York continue to be left behind

As frontline communities, they’re the ones most affected by climate change. That’s why we’re committed to putting them front and center.

At Kinetic Communities Consulting, we work to build trust, provide long-term green energy education, and connect families with the resources they need to retrofit their homes, lower their energy costs, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Daphany Rose Sanchez, Kinetic Communities Consulting (KC3)

Our Change Vision and Values

Kinetic Communities Consulting (KC3), an M/WBE B Corp certified firm, works with key players in the energy and affordable housing spaces to connect disinvested communities to clean, affordable energy. We believe that promoting climate resilience means meeting these communities where they are and finding solutions that work for them.

Commitment to Equity and Environmental Resiliency

Effective solutions that are driven by the people most affected.

Place-based solutions that are rooted in cultural and ecological assets.

Equitable solutions that eliminate barriers to participation and transparency in decision-making.

Collaborative solutions that address complex, multifaceted problems that require diverse perspectives, resources, and skills to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Life-affirming solutions that are culturally relevant, creative, and embody collective expression.

Integrative solutions that engage multiple sectors, providing communities with a whole (eco-)system approach.

Democratic solutions that nurture a culture of participation and education.

We partner with local government, the private sector, and nonprofit institutions to…

  • Expand energy efficiency product integration in communities with the largest need 
  • Educate building decision-makers on using energy efficiency as a tool to preserve housing 
  • Elevate opportunities in the energy sector for local New Yorkers

Case Studies

Developing NYCHA Network for Climate Action with Pratt Center

KC3, in partnership with the Pratt Center for Community Development, created and implemented a plan for bringing NYCHA residents into the engagement process for NYCHA development decisions by forming a new resident workgroup called the NYCHA Network for Climate Action. Through a call for applicants, KC3 recruited a group of dedicated NYCHA residents to participate in a series of workshops that first helped to build their capacity for understanding the challenges facing NYCHA and then provided a space for deeper engagement around specific action items to address in the sustainability agenda.

Supporting Residencia Esperanza in their Green Energy Transition

KC3 advised Residencia Esperanza, an affordable housing complex, on how to improve building efficiency and resident health through clean energy implementation. KC3 heard from board members on their interests and concerns and implemented a comprehensive strategy to identify potential funding opportunities and energy efficiency upgrades, while taking administrative burdens of implementing green energy off the board.

Educating on the Clean Energy Economy with NHS of Queens

KC3, alongside the Neighborhood Housing Services of Queens and ElectrifyNYC partners, empowered homeowners, renters, and small business owners to learn about the clean energy economy, ways to reduce use and cost, on how they can make more informed energy decisions. KC3 led educational sessions, supporting job training and employment in the clean energy sector, identifying and sharing resources, and helping local residents in accessing them, while providing technical and financial support for related energy needs through community-driven organizational partnerships.